Closing in an Alfresco Area with Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are a perfect way to close in an alfresco area. All to often we here of people who want to protect the patio area from the elements, and think that awnings are the only option for them.

Our Client had the following issues:-

  • How can I protect the patio from the high wind and weather?
  • How can I fully open the area when required and close it off securely?
  • Can we have folding shutters but without a floor track?

This brief documentary is to illustrate just one way that we were able to help our clients achieve everything that they wanted, and a little bit more.

This system is what we refer to as "Float n Fold" . Float n Fold shutters can fold open and closed like all folding systems, but with the advantage that the stack can then be parked at either end of the opening.

See what these would cost you?

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